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  • Replacement windows and doors that can save your home energy
  • By replacing doors and windows, you'll decrease drafts in the home
  • Efficient skylight installation done the right way
  • Replacement windows and doors can save energy
  • By replacing doors and windows, you'll decrease drafts in the home
  • Efficient skylight installation are done the right way

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Replacement Windows & Doors in Greater Alexandria

Cutaway view of a replacement window installation in Greater Alexandria

A new window inside the old one. A replacement window is sized to fit inside an existing window frame after the sash units have been removed.

Windows and exterior doors are part of a home's "building envelope," the barrier of building materials that separates interior living space from exterior space. When windows and exterior doors aren't up to snuff in terms of energy performance, the home's energy efficiency suffers, and home occupants aren't as comfortable as they'd like to be.

Unlike energy-saving improvements like insulation and duct sealing, installing new exterior doors and replacement windows will improve your home's visual appeal as well as its energy performance.

Contractors Providing Replacement Windows & Exterior Door Installations

We offer replacement windows in Fairfax, Alexandria, Springfield as well as Centreville, Herndon, Falls Church, Reston, Annandale, Mc Lean, Vienna and all surrounding areas.

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Replacement windows are sized to fit into existing openings

Replacement windows are sized to fit into existing openings

If you decide to invest in replacement windows, a technician will measure the size of your existing windows. Careful measurements are important because the new replacement units are designed to fit snugly inside the existing jambs after the old sash has been removed.

Many replacement windows feature all-vinyl construction, which improves energy performance while also providing excellent durability and resistance to the elements. Vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows never require painting, although they can be painted if you want them to be a different color.

A replacement door installed in Greater Alexandria

Durable, beautiful and energy efficient. This new entry door looks like it's made from wood, but it has a foam insulation core covered by a steel skin.

Replacement Exterior Doors decrease drafts while increasing curb appeal

There's no doubt about it: Exterior doors are much better than they used to be. Today old-fashioned solid wood exterior doors have largely been replaced by doors clad with steel, vinyl or fiberglass and filled with foam insulation. Top-quality models look remarkably like traditional wood versions, but offer improved energy efficiency, excellent dimensional stability (resistance to warping and cracking), and weather resistance.

If you need a new entry door, the best choice is usually a pre-hung unit —a door that comes already installed in its frame, with the threshold, weatherstripping and exterior trim attached. Many entry doors feature sidelights, which increases the size of the door's rough opening so that light and views are available around the door itself.

Since many different door styles are available, you'll want to look at a variety of doors before making your selection. To avoid the expense of altering the existing opening, make sure your new door is sized to fit in the existing rough opening.

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